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About Simple Naturalist

Simple Naturalist became an entity as a business in June 1996. In the early stages it sold framed photographs, created wood and pinecone art, leather journals and chapbooks made from hand pressed paper.

Simple Naturalist Books is an extension of the original mission of representing the natural world, unfiltered.

Keeping true to simplicity, all photos incorporate the human element for composition, color and depth and are in the moment, without purposeful staging, use of telephoto lenses, photo editing or enhancements.

Our Books

Journey Into Timelessness is a wonderful slender volume that presents poetic images from New Mexico's ancestral past and draws readers into a world of beauty and mystery in the natural world.

Home Is Everywhere - Adventures of an Itinerant Home Care Nurse

A collection of true stories based on the travels of a home care nurse from 1990-2015 and is for all readers over 18. It is not a traditional memoir or textbook. Although each story stands alone there are common themes of compassion and caring. Enjoy reading so storied with chapter titles of Roses, Humming, and Slave Quilt; Pigeon With A Zip Code; Ticks, Chick and Grasshoppers; Birdseed and Fancy Feast; Animal Adventures, Finding Home and other.

Word Visions

Fall 2023

True to the Series intent Word Visions, the book, places a single photo representing the natural world on a black background. Below each photo is a single word that could relate to the subject. Or not. The reader may have a different word.

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We hope you'll visit often as our website takes shape. We'll be posting interesting comments and news about our books; book signings and select Word Visions to brighten your day. Let us know how you are a simple naturalist.

Occasionally we'll post a commentary, thought, or poem about living life simply.